Neptune Rum

Neptune Rum is the ‘World’s Most Awarded Rum 2018’


To be able to define what is meant by the ‘World’s Most Awarded Rum’ it was necessary to determine and justify:

  1. How competitions would be included/excluded from the results
  2. The method by which the competition results would be obtained and deemed as accurate
  3. How the awards would be collated and ultimately analysed
  4. How the information gathered could be standardised/homogenised to be accurately counted and compared
  5. Why specific and defined award categories would/would not be included

To be able to achieve 1-5 above, the following research was conducted and subsequent data analysed. This detailed analysis can be provided upon request, subject to the authorisation of the Neptune Beverage Company Board.

1. Data collection

The competition results used within this study have been taken directly from the official competition award websites.

The justification for inclusion & exclusion of competitions was as follows:

The justification for inclusion & exclusion of awards within the competitions was as follows:

2. How the Awards were counted

Some competitions give Medal Awards (Gold, Silver etc.), some give generic category and others give only points. The following was carried out to allow for implementation of a point system, across all awards

3. How the award results were analysed

4. Validation and cross-checking of data

5. Collating converting & summarising totalled points across each SKU

a)  Each named award was collated to show a total number of a specific category award (Platinum, Gold, etc.) for each SKU
 I.  (this was then also counted against awards attributed to a specific Brand Portfolio)
b)  Each awards of ‘points’, (as opposed to ‘named awards’) was then applied to each SKU
 I.  (again, counted within the awards attributed to a specific Brand Portfolio)
c)  The named awards were then converted into their points value and totalled, per SKU
d)  This converted named value score, per SKU, was then combined with the numeric awards where points-only were given. This combined value provided the total number of points awarded to each SKU across all awards in all 26 competitions in 2018

6. Research Results


Highest individual point score for 1 SKU across all 26 competitions = NEPTUNE RUM

TOP 10 SKUs by point score


Total SKU point score

Neptune Barbados Gold


BACARDI Reserva Ocho 8


BACARDI Reserva Limitada


BACARDI Gold / Carta Oro


Santa Teresa 1796 Solera


BACARDI Anejo Cuatro


BACARDI Superior / Carta / Blanca


Rathlee's Rum Golden Barrel Aged Rum


BACARDI Gran Reserva Diez


Parce 8 Year Old Rum


Date: March 2019
Research carried out by: Nicky Cartwright